About Us

We work hand in hand with renowned salons in *city name to provide beauty seekers with thefinest and most credible beauty consultation services. The majority of people hardly knowabout the ingredients in the skin and hair care products they are using daily at home. Even most salons never bother to discuss the benefits and risks associated with the skin and hair care products they are using. Hedge Beauty consultation services are here to let you make an informed and risk-free decision during your next salon visit. When you are confident that you are using the right products for your skin and hair, this serenity will reflect in your beaming skin and lustrous hair. Every individual is unique, so is her skin and hair texture and requirements. No single product is effective for everyone. At Hedge Beauty, we offer the fairest and most reliable skin and hair assessment and expert professional advice on suitable skin and hair care products for you. Our beauty blog is another way to educate skin and hair care enthusiasts to get a credible and honest opinion regarding the market’s popular beauty brands. You can rely on our impartial research and factual advice to keep yourself abreast with new products and treatment techniques to adapt to your skin and hair care. Based on our years of research and experience, we have created our very own hair care product line to pamper your hair. Our haircare products are the safest, made with the highest quality ingredients, having no adverse effects. They are made with 100% natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals or preservatives to offer you an unbeatable hair care experience.